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Welcome to Jeff's House. We are the pride of 12544 Saint Charlotte Drive In Tampa FL. What we know today as Jeff's House started it's modern era back in 1994 during Chamberlain's school year. It's where I first got to meet many of the people who still come around today. It was always a base of operations and a place to go to spend time and enjoy. Between the lake and the video games there was always something fun to do here. As the years have passed the house itself and it's people have experienced lots of changes. The house itself was repainted, brightened up and of course given purple doors. Many of the people have gone away, come back, and gone away again and new people have come in to take their places. The good thing about Jeff's House is that it's a family and even though you may leave for years on end, as soon as you come back you're welcomed back in as if you never left. I invite you all to go through the photo gallery and take a look back on all the years we've had here, and to keep coming by and continue our legacy of fun.
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