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Welcome to the new As the title says, we're slightly less ugly than before due to this new site design I've been working on. By working on I of course mean downloaded off the web and edited it to fit this site. I don't have any special fun features like the ability to edit your profile and all that craziness. Nobody really looked at the main site anymore anyway, though it still is available in the archive, so I just am concentrating this on the 2 more used features of the site which are the forum and the photo gallery. This is all still in the experimental stage and I could easily change the final design to something else, or of course people are more than welcome to create one specifically for me which they think looks better and has more functionality. As for now however, this is the best I could do and at bare minimum it looks cleaner than before. Hope it pleases all the people who've said I need to do something better with the site.
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